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Mijomir Aleksić Kiri, from Kaludjerica, was, no doubt, one of the youngest cobblers in Serbia,but with a long family tradition.
His father and grandfather were cobblers, and he had a chance to penetrate into all the secrets of the trade.

Kiri loves his work and in each pair of peasant shoes enters a lot of skill, and love.
With the desire to remain in the Serbian tradition, he made traditional costumes with the same enthusiasm as well as shoes.
He selling them abroad, on all five continents, and their peasant shoes equipped and well-known cultural and artistic societies, such as „Lola”, IMT, „Kolo”...
Workshop Kiri is famous for it, which, depending on price and quality, the guarantee is of one to three years.

Order and workshops Kiri sent to all parts of the world!

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